Group Health Management Portal for Participating Employees

Total and Complete Group Health Support -

Health Insurance 2.0

integrated support

Turnkey Integration for your employee needs

Monitor and


Manage employee activity from the start of the on-boarding process through each and every claim. Total support with the proper protocol and employee documentation. Turnkey from day one!



Total employee resources available 24/7 straight off or their smartphone. Access to everything from coverage details to looking up their physician's participation, equipped with videos, documents, and direct communication to the proper channels. A true evolution to employee support!



Total support when it's needed through a secured portal that provides direction in real time. The ability to upload and access vital documents to eliminate untimely delays and frustration. A true win-win!

Total Claims Support

Our medical billing specialist will be able to set up coverage for your employees prior to their next visit and provide support for billing discrepancies, all through our secured state-of- the-art secured employee portal, documented and time-stamped!

The costs for administrative support can be significant when offering group health plans.


Eligibility and Benefit Verification

Over $11.8 billion was spent in employee benefit verification as an administrative cost. There is an estimated $4.2 billion in potential savings.

Claim Submission Costs

Over $3.8 billion was spent in claim submission for employee benefits. There is an estimated $635 million in potential savings.

Claim Status Inquiry (Follow-up)

Over $2.9 billion was spent in dealing with claim related follow-ups during the claims process. There is an estimated $2.1 billion in potential savings for following up with claims.

Remittance Advice (Contested Claims)

Over $4.1 billion was spent in dealing with contested claims. There is an estimated $1.8 billion in savings when contesting claims.

*2019 CAQH Index Report


The value of our services

Total Virtual Employee Support

Administrative resources and billing support

Medical Billing Specialist

Employee Billing, Claims, and Support

Long-Term Employee Management

Add or Adjust Employee Coverage Instantly

Increase Employee Retention and Recruitment

Unmatched Benefits our Competition Won't Offer

minimize internal support

Less time involved managing your staff

Improved Employee Morale

Increased Productivity Through Enhanced Benefits

We Are Health Insurance 2.0 - An Evolution in health insurance

Our Process


Our practice and approach revolves around the concept of improving employee morale for the long-term group health experience. We do this by freeing up your Administrator's time through an interactive secured portal.

Too many Administrators have been burdened with "fixing" employee related claims for health insurance billing mishaps. This causes employee morale to drop and frustrations to rise. We help by freeing up the administrator's time through our state-of-the-art secured employee portal with total support.

When offering superior benefits to employees, support and customer service have to be #1 to sustain employee morale, increase recruitment success, and maintain long-term employees. We are Health Insurance 2.0!


Total Administrative Communication

Eliminate an endless paper trail and countless hours of managing your employee health benefits through a Customized solution designed for efficiency and a smooth billing process. We are Health Insurance 2.0!

Nationwide Access

Never again be pigeonholed with a lack of support when your coverage is needed. Through our secured employee poral, employees have all the support they need coast to coast!

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